Affordable sensors

Easy to use CrossCheck “shape tools” measure radius/diameter, height, width, angle, and location. Master Profile Comparison provides Pass/Fail testing for contours, and makes small variations easily visible. All for less than the price of a single point laser sensor.

CrossCheck is ideal for OEMs who need a fully designed, calibrated, and environmentally sealed 3D laser machine vision solution.

Process Control

Roll Forming

Part Inspection

Injection Molding

Robotic Guidance

Weld Seam
Glue Bead
Pick & Place
Chassis Location

Shape Check

Crimp Validation
Flush and Gap
Embossing Depth
Blade & Vane Rework

30-Day No Risk Evaluation

30 Day No Risk Evaluation on All CrossCheck Systems and Components

We offer a “30 Day No Risk Evaluation” which provides each customer the ability to return the equipment, risk free, for a full money back guarantee. The no-risk guarantee is valid for 30 days from the time the sensor is shipped from Bytewise. Click here to see complete details.